The current Windows PowerShell build is Release Candidate 1 Refresh.

It's available for download at the time of writing from here.

To download you need to register. To register you need a Microsoft Passport or Microsoft Live ID. In my experience it's useless attempting to login to Passport using any browser other than Internet Explorer.

I'm not quite sure why Microsoft has insisted on a need for registration for this download, but they have. Since you are getting your hands on a great admin tool free, it's not too big an inconvenience.

You also need the .NET Framework 2.0 installed because PowerShell uses .NET Framework 2.0 classes behind the scenes.

Windows PowerShell runs on Windows Server 2003 (RTM, SP1), Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows XP (RTM, SP1 and SP2) and Windows Vista.


Why yet another blog?

I'm excited by the potential of Windows PowerShell for professional administrators and power users to get a handle on their Windows computers and plan to use this blog to describe, explore, comment and pontificate about any issue relating to Windows PowerShell that interests or puzzles me.

And, of course, I plan to post and discuss some PowerShell scripts that hopefully will be useful to people who are learning about Windows PowerShell and learning how to use it.

PowerShell is different in many significant ways from other command line shells and scripting languages. So I ought to have plenty to write about over the coming months.